Shire plc, syarikat bioteknologi terulung dalam penyelidikan bagi penyakit jarang berlaku menyokong Open Access

Shire plc, syarikat bioteknologi terulung dalam penyelidikan bagi penyakit jarang berlaku telah mula melaksanakan dasar penerbitan baru yang memerlukan penyerahan semua manuskrip penyelidikan yang ditaja oleh Shire kepada jurnal yang menawarkan polisi akses terbuka. Hal ini membolehkan orang ramai  yang berminat dengan dapatan kajian yang ditulis oleh penyelidik tajaan Shire kini boleh memperoleh akses dalam talian tanpa batas, dengan kadar segera tanpa embargo. Dasar akses terbuka Shire ini telah berkuatkuasa pada 2 Januari 2018, dan telah diumumkan hari ini di 2018 European Meeting of International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP)  yang berlangsung di London, UK, 23-24 Januari.

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Scholarly Publication is making a lot of profit business

Dr K S Parthasarathy commented that in one of the post;

“It is appropriate that the cost of publicaion of research articles and related matters are being addressed widely in many countries.

In this context, Dr Chuck Dinerstein recently wrote an informative article titled “Publishing Science -an Extremely Profitable Marketting System”

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The cost of publishing will be beyond the reach of institutions in developing countries. Is it possible to have a universally agreed formula which ensures reasonable profits for the publishers and fair cost for the researchers.Even under best of circumstances, developing countries may need some compassion and sympathetic considerstion.”


Kota Buku organize Open Access awareness talk in Malaysia

On 24 May 2017, Kota Buku an company limited guaranteed by government has organized an Open Access awareness talk in USIM. A speaker is known as Robert Van Der Vooren  from VSNU (Association of universities in the Netherlands) has shares about the experiences, challenges and reality in advocating OA in Netherlands.

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United States American Higher Education Agencies & Societies (AAU/ARL/AAUP) join venture to intiate Open-Access Monograph Publishing Initiative

3 academic entities joint together to launch an open access initiative on monograph publishing. Based on ARL News, this initiative will benefit scholars, the public, universities, libraries, and presses in five ways:-

  • Open access, digital monographs will make new research freely available online, thereby increasing the presence of humanities and social science scholarship on the web and opening up this content to more readers, putting it into the venue where many scholars are working.
  • Publishing costs will be met by university-funded grants and other revenue sources. These publication grants will enable open access publishing and will send a strong signal to humanities and social sciences faculties that universities value and wish to promote their scholarship.
  • The expanded dissemination of scholarship within and beyond the academy advances the core mission of universities to create and transmit new knowledge for public benefit.
  • This initiative will enable the incorporation into digital monographs of new capacities, such as the integration of multimedia with text and the application of annotation and commenting tools, and can encourage the development of innovative forms of digital scholarship.
  • The funding model based on publication grants will allow presses to publish important, high-quality scholarship freely accessible to readers and independent of market constraints.

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Medical subject OA journals listed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) are the most transparent to publicly stated article processing charges (APC).

Based on Radovan Vrana’s case study, 9,26 % of medical journals listed in DOAJ are the most transparent to stated article processing charges APC publicly on website. Moreover, most APC of the journals owned by Elsevier were 0 to 99 USD (61,39% out of 505 journals) .


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia host Asia Open Access Summit 2016

On 14 and 15 November 2016, Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) (Community of Practice), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN) and SIFULAN have organized Asia Open Access Summit 2016 at INTEKMA Resort & Convention Centre. Many participants were the Open Access practitioners and academicians.

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Jim Ottaviani found that Open Access papers attract up to a fifth more citations than those locked away in closed journals

Latest research done by Jim Ottaviani found that Open Access papers attract up to a fifth more citations than those locked away in closed journals.

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