Scholarly Publication is making a lot of profit business

Dr K S Parthasarathy commented that in one of the post;

“It is appropriate that the cost of publicaion of research articles and related matters are being addressed widely in many countries.

In this context, Dr Chuck Dinerstein recently wrote an informative article titled “Publishing Science -an Extremely Profitable Marketting System”

The link:

The cost of publishing will be beyond the reach of institutions in developing countries. Is it possible to have a universally agreed formula which ensures reasonable profits for the publishers and fair cost for the researchers.Even under best of circumstances, developing countries may need some compassion and sympathetic considerstion.”



Pemimpin Eropah bersatu memperkasakan Open Access menjelang tahun 2020

Pemimpin Kesatuan Eropah telah sebulat suara bersetuju meletakkan sasaran bahawa kesemua artikel ilmiah yang ditulis oleh penyelidik Eropah boleh diakses secara percuma menjelang tahun 2020.

sumber :

FOSTER project embark the success of Open Science initiative

Currently in Europe, there have been new project called FOSTER. FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research) is a European Commission funded project that developed an e-learning portal to support the training of a wide range of stakeholders in Open Science and related areas. The stakeholders – grant funders, policy makers, researchers, administrators, librarians and repository managers are able to learn about Open Science via e learning portal and taxonomy.