United States American Higher Education Agencies & Societies (AAU/ARL/AAUP) join venture to intiate Open-Access Monograph Publishing Initiative

3 academic entities joint together to launch an open access initiative on monograph publishing. Based on ARL News, this initiative will benefit scholars, the public, universities, libraries, and presses in five ways:-

  • Open access, digital monographs will make new research freely available online, thereby increasing the presence of humanities and social science scholarship on the web and opening up this content to more readers, putting it into the venue where many scholars are working.
  • Publishing costs will be met by university-funded grants and other revenue sources. These publication grants will enable open access publishing and will send a strong signal to humanities and social sciences faculties that universities value and wish to promote their scholarship.
  • The expanded dissemination of scholarship within and beyond the academy advances the core mission of universities to create and transmit new knowledge for public benefit.
  • This initiative will enable the incorporation into digital monographs of new capacities, such as the integration of multimedia with text and the application of annotation and commenting tools, and can encourage the development of innovative forms of digital scholarship.
  • The funding model based on publication grants will allow presses to publish important, high-quality scholarship freely accessible to readers and independent of market constraints.

More details, URL: http://www.arl.org/news/arl-news/4243-aau-arl-aaup-to-launch-open-access-monograph-publishing-initiative-project-will-share-scholarship-freely-more-broadly#.WM9_M9J97cs


RCUK mewujudkan “concordat” untuk memperkasa “Open Research Data”

Majlis Penyelidikan United Kingdom (RCUK) kini sedang melangkah kehadapan dalam memperkasa amalan “open access” untuk data penyelidikan. Data penyelidikan yang berada di UK bersumberkan dana awam kini boleh dikongsi secara terbuka. Namun, beberapa langkah perlu diambil demi memastikan keselamatan dan hak cipta terus terjamin. Oleh yang demikian, satu “concordat” diwujudkan dan mereka yang terlibat dengan sektor penyelidikan sama ada penyelidik atau organisasi seperti universiti perlu memberi maklumbalas terhadap “concordat” ini dalam menentu sah amalan terbaik yang perlu dilaksanakan bagi mencapai objektif tersebut.

Maklumat lanjut:

  1. http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/media/news/170814/
  2. http://www.researchinfonet.org/research-data/open-research-data-forum/
  3. http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/RCUK-prod/assets/documents/documents/ConcordatOpenResearchData.pdf
  4. http://librarylearningspace.com/newsite/rcuk-seeks-feedback-good-practice-guidelines-open-research-data/