is the best platform to get high visbility for scholarly articles?

Based on the Phil Davis article in the Scholarly Kitchen, he found the article entitled, “Open Access Meets Discoverability: Citations to Articles Posted to,” showed that the has defeated other online venue such as universities/faculties/schools website, personal website, Mendeley, Researchgate and etc. in term of discoverability among researchers. He added this paper analyse in different perspective of association between open access articles with citation advantages.

“There are many papers claiming a citation advantage to open access (OA) articles and most are not worth reading. This paper is an exception. The authors clearly understand the limitations of observational research and how correlations are often confused with causation. They analyze their data using three similar models to verify their results. They use covariates in their regression model and look for other explanations. They take a fair and unbiased look at the literature and don’t purposefully obscure or ignore research that contradicts their conclusions. Strangely, these are characteristics absent in most OA-advantage papers.”



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