Collaborative Peer Review memperkukuhkan kualiti penerbitan artikel ilmiah

Kamila Markram, co-founder and CEO of Frontiers dalam temu ramahnya dengan Research Information menyebut:-

We developed a Collaborative Peer Review to improve the quality of articles. This provides a rigorous in-depth review that is also constructive, fair and transparent. Reviewers have a mandate to work with authors directly in our online Collaborative Review Forum, and their names are disclosed upon publication to acknowledge their contribution and to improve constructiveness. The entire process is highly efficient and fast, driven by our own software and workflows, enabling constructive interactions without administrative efforts from our academic editors and reviewers. 

daripada kenyataan beliau ini jelas menunjukkan sekiranya ingin mempercepatkan proses peer review sesuatu artikel ilmiah itu, perlu ada 2 perkara:-

1. kerjasama yang akrab antara penulis dengan editor serta pengulas ilmiah.

2. sistem deposit artikel dan perbincangan yang efisien.

sumber : Research Information


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